NEW MS Programs in Biostatistics and Genomic Biostatistics!

We have made several important changes to our MS programs in Biostatistics and Genomic Biostatistics:

  • Earn your degree sooner. The programs have been redesigned for a full-time student to finish in 18 months. This would normally include a full year of course work and training (fall, spring and summer) plus an additional semester (fall) of elective coursework and consulting.
  • Create your own educational path. We have increased the number of elective courses to 4 in the Biostatistics concentration and 2 in the Genomic Biostatistics concentration, so that students can tailor their learning to suit their own interests and career needs.
  • More courses to prepare you for your career. The new programs allow students to learn more specialized and modern analytical techniques, such as high-throughput data analysis, spatial regression and data management, longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, and many others.
  • One applied examination and no required thesis. Students will conduct a week-long, take-home, open-note, applied examination, consisting of the reporting and analysis of an actual data set. MS students are not required to conduct and defend a thesis project.
  • Gain Experience on Actual Research Projects. Through our Biostatistical Consulting Laboratory you will collaborate on cutting-edge research projects, working with VCU researchers in fields such as Public Health, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Oncology, and many others. You will also receive training and assistance in the best practices of biostatistical consulting.

For questions and further information, feel free to contact Russell Boyle ( or Roy T. Sabo (