General Description

Academic programs

The Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Biostatistics offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in biostatistics and genomic biostatistics, as well as a M.S. degree in clinical research and biostatistics. The department, part of the School of Medicine, is located alongside the schools of Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy on VCU’s Medical College of Virginia Campus.

While committed to excellence in biostatistics research and its graduate program, the department also collaborates in biomedical research with other departments. Its faculty are nationally recognized for their biostatistics work in the areas of clinical trials, pharmacology and toxicology. The department continues to emphasize scholarship and graduate education, and its graduates are in demand for jobs throughout the country in government, academia and the private sector.

The department is committed to diversifying the racial and ethnic composition of people who become biostatisticians. Individuals from all racial or cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Student Profile

The Department of Biostatistics typically has 30 to 35 full-time students enrolled in its graduate program. Most students hold a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or statistics, though some have bachelor’s degrees in chemistry, biology or other sciences. Because of more stringent admission requirements implemented by the department, some students seek and receive guidance in planning remedial course work prior to admissions. For example, before enrolling in the program, students with gaps in their mathematical background can be advised to enroll in courses that will provide an appropriate basis for successful completion of the graduate program. This guidance is crucial given the varied backgrounds of biostatistics students.

Part-Time Students

Part-time enrollment in our biostatistics programs has increased over the years. Most part-time students are employed in career jobs in companies or research environments that need individuals with advanced statistical training.