Admission Requirements

Applicants must submit an application form, transcripts, three letters of recommendation and test scores from the verbal, quantitative and analytical writing sections of the Graduate Record Exam. Priority is given to applications received by Jan. 15 prior to the fall semester of enrollment. All applicants are expected to hold at least a B.S. or B.A. degree.

The following four mathematics/statistics courses or their equivalents are required for admission:

  • MATH 307 Multivariate Calculus
  • MATH 309 Introduction to Probability Theory
  • MATH 310 Linear Algebra
  • STAT 210 Basic Practice of Statistics or STAT 212 Concepts of Statistics

The first-year graduate work builds upon the material covered in math courses. Students are advised to retake these specific courses if several years have elapsed since these courses were completed.

Although not required, prior course work in additional mathematics, statistics or computer science is helpful. Completion of a sequence of classes in analysis such as MATH 507-508 is recommended for students interested in completing the Ph.D. program.

The departmental admissions committee evaluates all applicants for graduate work in biostatistics and arranges personal interviews when possible. The committee then recommends the most qualified candidates for admission.

For more information regarding the application process, please visit the VCU Graduate School’s admission to graduate study page or the Graduate Bulletin.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance on a merit basis is available through departmental, institutional and external funds. The Graduate School also provides financial advising and specific information.