M.S. in Biostatistics, Clinical Research and Biostatistics Concentration

Core course work

BIOS 543 Statistical Methods I 3
BIOS 544 Statistical Methods II 3
BIOS 531 Clinical Epidemiology 3
BIOS 516 Biostatistical Consulting 1
BIOS 571 Clinical Trials 3
BIOS 572 Statistical Analysis of Biomedical Data 3
OVPR 601 Scientific Integrity 1

Approved electives and directed independent research

Approved electives 12
Directed independent research 5


Core curriculum

BIOS 516 Biostatistical Consulting
BIOS 531 Clinical Epidemiology
BIOS 543/544 Statistical Methods I/II
BIOS 571 Clinical Trials
BIOS 572 Statistical Analysis of Biomedical Data
BIOS 697 Directed Research in Biostatistics
OVPR 601 Scientific Integrity


Electives in Biostatistics

BIOS 524 Biostatistical Computing
BIOS 553 Linear Regression
BIOS 554 Analysis of Variance
BIOS 691 Special Topics: Statistical Issues in Drug Research & Development


Electives in Epidemiology and Public Health

EPID 600 Introduction to Public Health
EPID 602 Public Health Organization and Management
EPID 603 Public Health Policy and Politics
EPID 606 Epidemiologic Methods
EPID 607 Nutritional Epidemiology
EPID 615 Public Health Issues and Intervention in Communities of Color
EPID 620 Cancer Epidemiology


Electives in Social and Behavioral Health

SBHD 605 Introduction to Social and Behavioral Health
SBHD 610 Behavioral Measurement
SBHD 632 Health Disparities and Social Justice