Ph.D. and M.S. in Biostatistics, Genomic Biostatistics Concentration

Ph.D. in Biostatistics, Genomics ConcentrationIn the past decade, bioinformatics has emerged as a primary source of challenges for methodological researchers in biostatistics. The enormity of the size of the data that results from research in this field — specifically in DNA sequencing, microarrays and proteomic studies — has required statisticians to rethink their analytical strategies. The VCU Department of Biostatistics has established an area of concentration in the analysis of genomic data within the existing Ph.D. program in biostatistics. This concentration, genomic biostatistics, provides in-depth training in statistical theory and methods. In addition, the traditional Ph.D. course work is complemented by the requirement of course work pertaining to the recent developments in microarray data analysis, data mining/machine learning and sequence analysis, and requires out-of-track electives in biochemistry, molecular biology or genetics.


Each candidate enrolled in the genomic biostatistics concentration will complete a thesis. Although the specific topic may be broadly pertinent to other areas of research, the thesis must be demonstratively applicable to data arising from genomic studies.

Departmental Seminar (BIOS 690)

The Department of Biostatistics sponsors a seminar series in which faculty, students and guests present topics of interest. Each full-time student is expected to register for seminar each semester.

Biostatistical Consulting (BIOS 516)

The Department of Biostatistics supports the Biostatistical Consulting Lab as a part of its training program. All full-time students are required to register for BIOS 516 each semester.