Research Computing

Research ComputingThe cluster supercomputing system for the Department of Biostatistics serves faculty and students for high computational research and also supports studies in biostatistics and bioinformatics.

320 Core Linux Beowulf Cluster

  • 31 Dell PE R610/R620 servers with CentOS 6 64 bits Linux OS
  • 320 cores using Intel Xeon 56XX processors (2.67GHz to 3.4GHz)
  • 2.784TB RAM (80GB-128GB per node)
  • 100TB network attached storage with 100TB backup storage with 10GBE connection
  • 9TB internal disk storage  (120GB-900GB per node)
  • 10GBE network connections to all nodes and storage
  • Fail-over redundant master servers

Software installed on the cluster

  • R 3.0.1 with CRAN packages and BIOCONDUCTOR packages
  • R-Studio server
  • C+/G+ and Fortran compilers
  • JAVA compiler
  • Perl compiler
  • Python and Biopython compiler
  • SAS-9.3 and SAS-9.4 for Linux 64bit
  • Mathematica
  • PBS Pro 10.4 (a portable batch system for clusters)
  • Additional open source software upon user request