Research Computing

Research ComputingThe cluster supercomputing system for the Department of Biostatistics supports both research and graduate education in biostatistics and bioinformatics.

1336 Core Linux Beowulf Cluster

  • 54 Dell PowerEdge servers with Redhat 6.9-7.3 64 bits Linux OS
  • Over 1000 CPU cores using Intel Xeon processors (2.67GHz to 3.4GHz)
  • 9 TB RAM (80GB-128GB per node)
  • 360 TB centralized data storage with parallel file system
  • 400TB network backup storage
  • 30+TB internal disk storage  (120GB-900GB per node)
  • 40GB InfiniBand network connections to all nodes and storage
  • Fail-over redundant master server

Software installed on the cluster

  • R 3.4.1 with latest CRAN packages and BIOCONDUCTOR packages
  • C+/G+ and Fortran compilers
  • JAVA compiler
  • Perl compiler
  • Python and Biopython compiler
  • SAS-9.4 for Linux 64bit
  • Mathematica
  • PBS Pro 12.1 (a portable batch system for clusters)
  • Additional open source software upon user request