From the Chair

AlumniDear Alumni of the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Biostatistics,

We have redesigned the department website. Part of the site will be reserved for news and views of the alumni. We here at the department would like to learn about what you are doing, and we suspect that other alumni would also like to catch up with you as well.

We would like to share news of your career, your publications, your family and your travels. We also would like to share essays on your thoughts and feelings about your life in biostatistics, including frustrations as well as celebrations. We here at the department and other alumni would be interested in hearing about your encounters with challenging problems in the field of biostatistics and how you dealt with them. Anecdotes about other challenges that you have met during your life in academia, industry, government or retirement would also make interesting reading.

We hope that you will be contributing to our website from time to time and that the site will be a fun, interactive connection that will tie us all a little closer together and serve as a resource to help other alumni deal with problems and challenges that they encounter in their careers and lives.

Best wishes,

Shumei Sun
VCU Department of Biostatistics, School of Medicine